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Piano Recital by exceptional musician from Germany [17 Nov 2013|06:50pm]


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[23 May 2011|01:04pm]


The Opera Project presents
The Marriage of Figaro
in concert
(sung in Italian with English narration)

Mozart's Le nozze di Figaro is one of the most beloved operas of all time, featuring instantly recognizable tunes and some of the craziest hijinks in the operatic repertoire. This June, the opera returns to Vancouver in a delightfully intimate setting - and with a cast entirely drawn from the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

June 3rd and 4th, 2011
Doors 7:00pm, Curtain 7:30pm
Tickets: $20 at the door
Reservations: 778.885.5525 or theoperaproject.tickets@gmail.com

Conductor ........................ John Arsenault
Pianist .......................... David Boothroyd
Director & Producer .............. Heidi Klassen

RSVP and full cast list at the facebook event.
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Canzine West Small press convention today! [16 Oct 2010|01:25am]

Just a reminder for everyone in Vancouver about this cool event today: The Canzine West small press show! Come on down and buy some self-published zines from their creators. There will be lots of artists there. I'll have a table and will be selling all of my zines, comics, shirts, and dvds.

Canzine West at Storyeum!!!
Location:W2 Storyeum
151 West Cordova st.
Time:1:00PM to 7:00PM Saturday, October 16th

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Benefit for Radical Labor Activist and Folk Singer Anne Feeney [30 Sep 2010|09:49pm]
Friday, October 8, 2010, 8:00pm
Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway
sliding scale $7-20


Radical folk singer Joey Only here: Hey, I am writing to you all because I want to invite you and/or ask for some assistance in raising a few dollars for a wonderful comrade. Many of you know a union activist and singer of labour songs from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania named Anne Feeney; she's been 35 years on the circuit with people like Utah Philips, Dave Rovics, Pete Seeger and all the great names in recent radical folk music history.

This summer Anne was diagnosed with an 11 cm tumor in her lung which is pushing against other vital organs. Anne's undergone radiation therapy and has lost all her wonderful red hair. She is in her sixties and folk music is all Anne has ever done. She has been at countless picket lines giving her songs to cheer up strike-hardened union members. While I toured with her in 2009 we sang at a steelworkers' picket line in Hamilton, Ontario at what is a very famous strike now... then at a teachers' assistant picket line at Guelph University. Now it's our turn to support Anne.

She has over $7000 in medical bills that her US insurance plan does not cover. She's been asking for people to donate 50 dollars saying that no one will have to give too much if everyone sends a small amount. So my goal is very small for this fundraiser, anything we send will be a spiritual and financial show of solidarity to Anne Feeney.

So I am asking you to all to help promote this event at Cafe Rhizome, around Main and Broadway on October 8th, 8pm, in some way. We'll do door at sliding scale $7-20. Bring your people out, help me spread the word... I could use someone to make a poster even. Spread the word, let's try to send Anne anything, it will go a long way toward cheering her up.

At the event local radical folk singers will do tributes to Anne. Jeff Andrew is going to do a set and more people will want to play when they get wind of what's going on. My Joey Only Outlaw Band will even play some Anne Feeney songs plus some IWW songs from 1905-1950. You won't be disappointed, our Outlaw Band will play all sorts of radical numbers to prove why we are one of the best political/outlaw folk bands Vancouver has to offer. See you there, I sincerely hope... please help in any way possible.

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3rd annual Accordion Noir festival, Sept 19-26th [09 Sep 2010|04:38pm]

CFRO's weekly Wednesday night Accordion Noir radio show / podcast, in conjunction with local accordion rebel Geoff Berner (Klezmer Mongrels, 2009) presents the 3rd annual Accordion Noir Festival, eight days of varied programming trying its darnedest to redeem the reputation of the long-dismissed squeezebox.

A very glossy schedule follows; for eventual full details, please visit the website at http://bit.ly/ANfest , or see expanded descriptions below.

Sun Sept 19: 7 pm accordion parade from Napier at Commercial to the 9 pm festival launch party at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive at 5th)
Mon Sept 20: 8-10 pm solo sets at Trees in Yaletown (1391 Richards Street at Pacific)
Tues Sept 21: 8-10 pm solo sets, again, at Trees in Yaletown (1391 Richards Street at Pacific)
Wed Sept 22: 9 pm at the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac at Victoria)
Thurs Sept 23: 8-10 pm short films and multimedia performances at Spartacus Books (684 E. Hastings at Heatley)
Fri Sept 24: 8 pm Squeezebox Dance Party at the Grandview Legion (2205 Commercial Drive, upstairs)
Sat Sept 25: 8 pm festival mainstage at the Strathcona Ukrainian Hall (805 E. Pender Street at Hawks)
Sun Sept 26: 8 pm festival closing party at Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main Street at 28th)

* Sunday, Sept 19th, the fun and games begin with another accordion parade from the sitting area at Napier and Commercial at 9 pm, winding up the Drive to our festival launch party at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive at 5th) -- with discounted admission if you turn up with the parade wearing a squeezebox!

* Monday, Sept 20th, and Tuesday, Sept 21st, we host more intimate solo performances from 8-10 pm at the Yaletown location (1391 Richards Street at Pacific) of Trees Organic Coffee. By donation.

* Wednesday, Sept 22nd, find your way to last year's mainstage venue, the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac at Victoria) to get a joyous earful of old favorites the Fugitives and Mark Berube. $15, 9 pm.

* Thursday, Sept 23rd, from 8-10 pm, we pop up at everyone's favorite anarchist bookstore, Spartacus Books (684 E. Hastings at Heatley), the site of our monthly squeezebox circle, for a serving of short films, a CD launch and some multimedia performance.

* Friday, Sept 24th, we transform the Grandview Legion Hall (2205 Commercial Drive, upstairs) into a squeezebox dance party featuring sets from: the jug band of the damned, the Creaking Planks; the Orkestar Slivovica; Maria in the Shower; and Mezamazing, the Balkan dance band that got the cops summoned to last year's festival. In accordion-bicycle solidarity (the two profoundest mechanical inventions of the 1800s), Critical Mass riders wearing their helmets will have a discount on admission.

* Saturday, Sept 25th, we pull out all the stops for the festival's mainstage performances at the Strathcona Ukrainian Hall (805 E. Pender at Hawks) with siren songs from Vancouver Island's Ursula, raving Turkish insanity from Something About Reptiles, and booze-fuelled wisdom from the whisky rabbi Geoff Berner. 8 pm, $12.

* Sunday, Sept 26th, the festival goes out with a bang with a more intimate closing party at Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main Street at 28th), last year's /opening/ stage, with many friends from last year's festival rejoining us and a few new faces chiming in. 8 pm, by donation.

* BONUS! Monday, Sept 27th, accordionist and one-man-band par excellence Scotty Dunbar launches his double CD at the Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir at Seymour, upstairs) with T. Nile and friends. 8:30, $8/6 for Railway members.

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Piano Recital in the Dark [04 Sep 2010|09:02am]
Dear Rowan [that's me!],

My name is Frank Horvat. I am a pianist, composer, and teacher from Toronto. I would like to invite you to the Vancouver stop of the Green Keys Tour on Friday, September 24, 7:30PM, at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, 949 West 49th Ave. Admission is by freewill donation.

This family-friendly concert is one of 50+ in a yearlong cross-Canada tour promoting eco-sustainability. All the piano music performed is my original compositions and improvisations. It's a mix of classical and popular styles - from Liszt to Satie to Philip Glass. The highlight of the concert is the performance of my composition, "Earth Hour" - a continuous 1-hour piano piece inspired by, and performed in the dark.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of my new CD, "A Little Dark Music", goes to the World Wildlife Fund - CDs available online and at the show. I am fortunate to have the support of sustainable enterprises like Bullfrog Power, Salt Spring Coffee, the Delta Vancouver Suites, and the Unitarian Church of Vancouver sponsoring this event. Please visit www.frankhorvat.com/performance/tour/vancouver.html where you can find out all the info about this concert.

My tour is a grass-roots movement and a labour of love. I am greatly relying on people like you to help spread the word about the Green Keys Tour:

1. Please forward this email to anyone you know that might be interested in attending.
2. Join the Facebook fan page - www.frankhorvat.com/facebook
3. Post the concert poster. Downloadable here: www.frankhorvat.com/performance/tour/poster/Vancouver_TGKTPoster.pdf

As part of my visit to BC, I will also be performing in Victoria on Sept 25 and Nanaimo Sept 26. You can view a list of all the places I'll be visiting across Canada at www.frankhorvat.com/tour.

I hope to see you on September 24!
Thank you, Frank.


Frank Horvat
Composer - Performer - Teacher

Facebook: www.frankhorvat.com/facebook
YouTube: www.youtube.com/flhorvat
Twitter: www.twitter.com/frankhorvat

"The superior man seeks what is right; the inferior one, what is profitable."
- Confucius
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Video Games Live Photos [07 May 2010|04:12pm]

Calling all shutterbug Video Games Live 2010 attendees: we want your photos!

My friends and I went in cosplay as Midna (Twilight Princess, Shadow Link (Ocarina of Time), Twinrova (Ocarina of Time) a Little Sister (Bioshock), Clyde (Pac-Man) and Rikku (Final Fantasy X-2). We were photographed by Playstation and almost everybody else there with a camera, and we're dying to see what shots you came up with. So bring on the photo links if you've got 'em!

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Mozart's the Magic Flute - four nights only! [06 Apr 2010|09:47am]


in concert
with English storyteller and Flautist

Tickets at the door, or call Kathryn at 778-385-3441
General $25
Child/Senior $20

April 8, 9, 10 at 7pm, and April 11 at 3pm
949 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Featuring some of the very best in local operatic talent. Come hear this phenomenal score sung by an absolutely stellar local cast!

Sung in German with English dialogue
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Youth GENDER BLENDER Event on January 16th [12 Jan 2010|10:23pm]

Attention Youth aged 13-24!

We want -you- to attend the 3nd annual Gender Blender, presented by IGNITE!, Vancouver's youth-driven arts festival, and the Fruit Basket variety show.

The Gender Blender will be an open discussion session about all things related to sex, gender and orientation, combined with fruit smoothie-making and lots of laughter. Arrive at 6:30 with a pillow and a piece of fruit to break the ice with smoothie-making and -drinking. After the smoothies and introductions, we will begin our discussion based on your ideas! Topics could include: sex, sexual orientation, pornography, gender identity, queer issues, straight issues, relationships...

Don't forget to bring a piece of fruit to share! We'll be providing the blenders, frozen berries, soy milk, and yogurt.

Where? The Purple Thistle Centre at 260-975 Vernon Dr.
When? 6:30pm on Saturday, January 16th

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=242591060956

DON'T FORGET: Bring Your Friends, Fruit, Topics and Pillows!

Want to know more about Fruit Basket?

It's ripe and it's ready, and it's full to the brim with gender performance, music, poetry, dance and more. Fruit Basket (on May 21st at the CULTCH) serves up a tasty variety show of performance focused on gender, sex and sexuality for all ages to enjoy. With spurts of originality and a spatter of relevance, Fruit Basket will blow your mind like a watermelon in a microwave. Dress in drag and get in free.
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Get 2010 calendar with our art on and have a wonderful year [11 Dec 2009|09:23am]

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Celt-Punk New Year's Eve! [26 Nov 2009|09:12am]

Are you really going to spend $40 on tickets to some poxy dance club on New Year's, only to be charged $9 per drink and get groped by some Granville Street greasers...?

...NO YOU'RE NOT. Come on down to Vancouver's newest COLOSSAL punk-rock hall, the RICKSHAW. The DREADNOUGHTS, Ninjaspy, The Wrecktals and Mexican Drug Patrol are simply the best rock lineup in the city on New Year's, hands down. Whether you're a fan of punk, surf, celtic, ska, gypsy-folk or metal, this night has something for you.

If you want to support the Dreadnoughts, PLEASE buy tickets from us! Our ticket manager/delivery person is the incomparable Kayla Gagne. She can be reached at 778-839-7559, or at settimolsol@gmail.com.

Tickets are $15 and are available NOW.

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Saturday night all-ages folk/roots concert at Our Town! [10 Nov 2009|04:17pm]
So good to see the group hasn't entirely turned black and fallen off since I put my open stage series on hiatus! I'm very altruistically putting on a concert this Saturday night and getting the word out any way I can, which brings me here.

* Saturday, November 14, 2009! 7:30pm - 10:30pm! (I mean it -- that's not code for 9 to 1 am.)
* Our Town Cafe (245 E Broadway at Kingsway) ! !!

Singer-songwriter Raghu Lokanathan has wended a long and treacherous trail from his new home in Valemount to come to the Lower Mainland and share some songs from his recent album "Blue Girl". You may not be familiar with him, but the longstanding artistic director of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Dugg Simpson, is on the record as saying "the melodies are the kind that stick in your head and you find yourself humming in the kitchen. The stories are the kind that make your brain skip." You'll have to read Utah Philips' endorsement on your own, but you can hear for yourself some of the tunes that tripped their fancy.


That's just the tip of the iceberg for this early night of great music, as he's being joined by a quartet who've traveled a lot further than him to be here -- the Wild Turkeys of Sault Ste. Marie. They're also playing the night before at Cafe Deux Soleils, but this should be a more intimate setting for the intricate acoustic country music demonstrated on their recent album "Suspendered".

Local favorite Jenny Ritter (or "J.R", for those in the know) plays in Victoria's The Gruff with the Wild Turkeys the night before and will be contributing a rare solo set (with guests), capping off this fun night of sweet music. (Note: actual sequence of acts may differ.)

Because we can't afford to pay them what they're actually worth(, and because we can't collect a cover at Our Town), this show should be considered to be pay-what-you-can! You know, pass-the-hat, by-donation... play for tips. Meaning you have nothing to lose by coming down and checking them out! The strange little triangular room will be bumpin' to roots rhythms like never before.

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The Haiku Deathmatch, Mon., Nov. 9 [05 Nov 2009|10:14am]



Haiku Deathmatch

16 will enter the arena.
One will survive.

Monday, Nov. 9, 2009
Come early to get a seat.
Open mic and battle sign up at 8:15pm

*17 syllables rule in effect*
*Loser of each round commits Seppuku*

Cafe Deux Soleils
2096 Commercial Dr.

$5-10 sliding cover

Cash prizes for winners * Silly prizes for best themed costume

Info or pre-signup: vancouverhaiku@gmail.com


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Second annual Accordion Noir Festival Sept 10-12th [07 Sep 2009|03:19pm]
CFRO's weekly Friday night Accordion Noir radio show / podcast, in conjunction with local accordion rebel Geoff Berner (Klezmer Mongrels, 2009) presents the 2nd Annual Accordion Noir Festival, three days of varied programming (live music performance, film screenings, workshops) trying its darnedest to redeem the reputation of the long-dismissed squeezebox.

* The Thursday night, Sept 10th, we're hosting a convocation of our monthly squeezebox circle to act as open stage for all the accordion folk we hope the festival will lure out of the woodwork, keen to share their stuff among the like-minded but not scheduled to perform as part of any of the stage line-ups. This goes down at Spartacus Books, 684 E. Hastings, from 8-10 pm, by donation. (suggested donation $5)

* The Friday night we kick off the planned music festivities at Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main Street) with an intimate suite of smaller-to-larger squeezebox performances from Barbara Adler, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Dawn Zoe, Andy Fielding, Tina Tew of Wintermitts, Mezamazing and the Creaking Planks! Also, miraculously, by donation! (suggested donation $7)

* Saturday features more squeezy shenanigans than both previous days combined, starting with an accordion parade (weather permitting) at 4 pm from Grandview Park to the day's venue, the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac). There we have three workshops (accordion repair, composing and history) through to 6:30, at which point we dim the house lights and start an hour and a half of accordion film festival!

Then around 8 pm we get underway with our three headliners, Atlantic punk Story, klezmer kingpin Geoff Berner, and Jason Webley, Washington's answer to what you get when Tom Waits bites a werewolf. There will be special guests, tweeners and other surprises, and you can enjoy the whole day for $20!

This should be a show to remember.

and since we're a radio show, you can hear us compel you with your own two ears!

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ATTN Photographers, free enlarger equipment [24 Jun 2009|10:00pm]

I have some random negative carriers etc that I am getting rid of for free. See the craiglist ad here: http://vancouver.craigslist.ca/zip/1238568065.html
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57 Varieties open stage tonight! [16 Jun 2009|02:08pm]

The third Tuesday of the month is once again upon us (June 16th!) and with it, the sweaty June installment of the 57 Varieties open stage series at Spartacus Books (684 E. Hastings at Heatley) TONIGHT! Host Rowan Lipkovits will be hiding in the stacks with a squeezebox, waiting to jump out and surprise patrons with the noise of a clutch of free reeds wheezing. (Then they will surprise him, hopefully not with a fist in his nose but rather with a poem or song.)

Short notice for the open stage tonight, but a bit further notice for other cultural events going on in Vancouver at the grassroots level:

* Tomorrow, Wed Jun 17, Richard Lett hosts an evening of (naturally) gross and sexual humour at Yuk Yuk's, 8:30-10:30 pm at the Century Plaza Hotel (Burrard and Nelson). Practitioners of the hallowed blue humour include: Dan Quinn, Brett Martin, Sean Proudlove, Patrick Maliha, and the "very funny, very dirty, very pregnant" Antoinette Keane.

* Thurs, Jun 18th, Trevor "Spillious" Spilchen puts to rest the unruly ghost of the "'80s at 8" cover night at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main), since revived, reunited, and now revoked. In its place you can hear 1990 at 9 in the first installment of TIME WARP, an expanded musical journey through the ages. Only $5!

* Friday, Jun 19th, Earle Peach hosts the Beats on Broadway open mic from 7:30-10 pm at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 E. Broadway), this week featuring Carol Weaver.

* the next night, Saturday Jun 20th, the tag-team of Christie Rose and Van Driver take on Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main at 28th) 9 pm - midnight.

* the following night, Sunday Jun 21st is the Thundering Word open mic night, also at Cafe Montmartre, this time featuring a set from Hi Rise Dex with Spike McKinley. Sign-up at 8:30, feature from 9-9:30.

* Take a week off! The following weekend, however, know that the Fugitives will be playing 9 pm shows Friday and Saturday night at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial) with Jess Hill opening Friday night and Corbin Murdoch Saturday. $10

* I'll be wandering Vancouver Island with the Creaking Planks that weekend, but we'll be back in time to toast a late-night before a stat holiday playing Tuesday Jun 30 at Cafe Montmartre!
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Dreamscape: a benefit concert for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis [28 May 2009|11:26am]


Dreamscape: An Evening Of Song
"An evening of beautiful opera and Broadway music, performed by a fabulous cast of renowned and award-winning opera singers! All ticket sales will benefit research for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis."

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, sometimes abbreviated as M.E.), "the disease of a thousand names", is a very poorly understood, sometimes debilitating disorder of unknown common cause or origin, and can present with any and all of a wide variety of challenging symptoms, including severe mental and physical exhaustion, immune dysfunction and cardiac problems. There is no clear diagnotic test for the disorder, and there remains no cure, but there is always hope. Now, one local singer and performer is finally speaking out about the diagnosis that changed her life forever, in a benefit concert for the Nightingale Foundation, an Ottawa-based organization that has been dedicated to the study and treatment of Chronic Fatigue since 1984.

Jacqueline Ko, a local operatic performer and CFS sufferer, is joined by an internationally recognized group of her friends and peers - and a few other Chronic Fatigue patients - in Dreamscape: An Evening Of Song, a fundraiser she conceived several months ago, but which has only recently come to fruition. It features some of the best local talent, singing in styles ranging from popular Broadway music to soaring opera, and promises to be a moving and unforgettable evening. Please join us in supporting this wonderful cause, and together we can take a step towards a cure.

ANDI ALEXANDER, mezzo soprano

With special guest star

June 28th, 2009 | 7PM
West Vancouver United Church
2062 Esquimalt Avenue, West Vancouver
Tickets $25, $20 students/seniors, available for pre-order or at the door

604 266 1166 | jacqui.ko.soprano @ hotmail
Dreamscape: The Facebook Event

For more information on CFS and M.E., visit nightingale.ca
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57 Varieties open stage tomorrow! [18 May 2009|06:04pm]
A little reminder: Tuesday, May 19th is the third Tuesday of the month and with it comes another sunny installment of the 57 Varieties unplugged open stage series, which last month celebrated its unlikely fifth anniversary with some very tasty carrot cake. This does not mean, however, that we have stopped soliciting performances that cater to senses other than the gustatory: we are still hoping to see and hear performances from the musical and literary realms, among others less typical.

The open stage runs from 8 through 10 pm at Spartacus Books, located at 684 E. Hastings (between Heatley and Princess.)


The uneasy area between spring and summer proves fertile in these climes, and further cultural undertakings happen. Here are some of them:

Wednesday, May 20th, One Cool Word magazine celebrates the launch of their 13th issue at the Biltmore Cabaret (395 Kingsway) with performances from the Contemporary Lovers, the Creaking Planks, Analog Bell Service and Fur Bearing Animals, as well as models from Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School.

Saturday, May 23rd, our local self-publishers continue bearing fruit at Lucky's Comics (3972 Main Street), where True Loves 2, Jan's Atomic Heart and the latest offerings from Cloudscape debut starting at 8 pm.

Also that night, the immature brains behind Awesome Face (the kids show for adults) are putting on a very futuristic performance at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive) with a very special visit from Mike McGee of the future.

Thursday, May 28th, RC Weslowski and Spillious present an unprecedented collision of the literary and musical realms at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main Street), with a poetical reinterpretation of Black Sabbath's album "Paranoid" by a bevy of guest poets and a full performance of the album by a live band. 8:30-11:30 pm.

Sunday, May 31st, the Thundering Word series at Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main) has no feature -- which means open mic from 8 pm on! This will be the final installment of the series before summer hours come into effect, pushing showtime an hour later to keep parity with the sunset.
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Fruit Basket! All ages youth variety show focusing on gender, sexuality and sex. MUST SEE! [08 May 2009|11:02am]

[ mood | excited ]

A Raunchy Roster of Relevant Rhetoric on Friday, May 22!
8:00pm @ the WISE hall (1882 Adanac Street)

A basket of fun is waiting for you, calling you forth with its bright colours and sweet promises.

Fruit Basket presented by the Cultch, on Friday May 22nd will be a whimsical variety show focused on gender, sex, and orientation. It will showcase music, dance, poetry, gender performance and much more. Fruit Basket is an all ages show during the IGNITE! Youth Festival that will blow your mind like a watermelon in a microwave. Spurts of originality, a splash of variety, and a spatter of relevance.

Thee Ahs
Black Parade Kings
Hiiro Prince
Natalie Gray
Brandon McGorigal
Kits Improv
Kidnap Kids!
Brett Owen

With MAGICAL fruity MCs Fiona and Nina!

The WISE hall will be transformed into a magical wonderland for an evening of jaw-dropping performances all themed around issues of sex, sexuality, and gender.

Uncensored and unashamed, Fruit Basket is always a festival highlight.

This fruit basket has room for everything, not just fruit. Ever wanted to try dressing in drag? Here's some encouragement: Dress in drag and get in FREE!

$2 youth 12 -19
$5 students & seniors
$10 regular
$30 week pass (see the entire festival and save $20!)



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57 Varieties open stage tonight! [21 Apr 2009|10:22am]

Yea, good sirs and madams, with the third Tuesday of the month, the 57 Varieties open stage is upon us once again, this very evening of Tuesday, April 21st! Though it it looking like we will be trumped by a celebration of an empty building in the woods of Ontario (once inhabited by deceased poet Al Purdy), the ace up our sleeves is that this is also the fifth anniversary of the 57 Varieties series, having peregrinated from its birth at the Butchershop Floor to the Annex (briefly) and through two different locations of Spartacus Books, settling at its current location at 684 E. Hastings (at Heatley). From 8 through 10 pm, we will be serving the customary anniversarial carrot cake, squeezing some accordion, and seeing what performances come through the doors... as always.

A big thanks to last month's crew: with Chris, Ashley, Karina and Meagan in effect, it was almost like we were back on the Butchershop's unfinished floor... but it wasn't cold enough, fortunately. Mariana not only held down the essential duties of keeping the bookstore open, but also shared a story of fairy-tale terroristic acts. Most significantly, however, superjill's ukulele duo swept us off our feet and opened the door to a few delightful impromptu surprises.


As always, we aim to enrich our wider community by offering some further cultural options beyond our specific event. Some suggestions include:

    * Wednesday, April 22nd: some of you may recall the live readings of Matthew Glick's radio-less "radio plays" that were an early highlight of the 57 Varieties series back in the Butchershop days. Well, another group is at it, The Thirsty Detective, mounting a similarly Noir endeavour at the Railway Club (579 Dunsmuir Street); the play's name is "5 Cents a Dance" and it starts at 7:30 pm!

    * Friday, April 24th, that same Railway Club plays host to a musical night of some of Victoria's best, THE GRUFF, along with Saskatoon's "the Deep Dark Woods", from 8:30 on. $10, $8 for members.

    * Also that night, the sorry mad geniuses behind Accordion Noir put the squeezeboxes aside for one night and mount a radio special promoting another underappreciated musical instrument. From 8 through 10:30 pm, CFRO Co-op Radio 102.7 fm will be hosting a one-off fundraiser drive special episode of Ukulele Noir, including a closing hour with Ralph Shaw, the King of the Ukulele! When the time comes (and after it passes) you can listen to it here through your computer.

    * Saturday, April 25th, Prince George's musical philosopher-king Jeremy Stewart finds his way to the Bump 'n Grind (916 Commercial Drive at Venables) for an early show (4-7 pm) with Graham Lazarovich. By donation!

    * Sunday, April 26th, Erin Graves once again joins forces with the jug band of the damned, the Creaking Planks, to present an evening of musical mayhem at the Little Mountain Studios (195 E. 26th at Main.) 8 pm on.

    * Wednesday, April 29th, the Rio Theatre (1660 E. Broadway at Commercial) caps off its month of concerts with BIG SCREEN BARRELHOUSE, a riotous mix of music and screenings including performances by Tarran the Tailor, Blackberry Wood, Maria in the Shower, Mind of a Snail and other special guests for $15! 8 pm 'til past midnight!

    * Thursday, April 30th, the old gang reunites the retro revival project for one night at last at THE '80S IN APRIL at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main St), presenting musical highlights from the 1980s performed by spillious' Good Rockin Tonite! 9 pm, by donation!

    * Friday, May 1st, is an international labour celebration. In addition to the standard rally (5 pm, starts at the Vancouver Art Gallery, makes its way down to Victory Square), there's an afterparty of sorts at the Rhizome Cafe (317 E. Broadway) celebrating a new graphic novel history of Canadian May Day history. Doors at 7, performances at 8, suggested (but not mandatory) donation of $5... including performances by Sean Carleton, Mark Leier, Grassroots Women, Sinag Bayan, and Aiyanas.

    * also that night, Victoria's other major musical export, FISH AND BIRD, descend upon Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial) to share their spirited take on folk pealed out by young turks. Cameron Latimer, O'Mally and Danielle Lebeau Petersen will all be on tap from 9 pm on!

    * the afternoon of Saturday, May 2nd, some outlaw fans of the writings of late children's author Shel Silverstein hope to gather and celebrate his works with new musical arrangements, controversially censured by Shel's estate even before they left the gate! The location is a secret, but let the organizer know you're interested at peppermillrecords.com/contact and he'll keep you posted!

    * Proving everything old is new again, the DO_INK COMIC JAM (a collaborative drawing session) returns to the Little Mountain Studios in which it started, from 8 pm to midnight Sunday, May 3rd.
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