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Rowan Lipkovits

57 Varieties open stage tonight!

The third Tuesday of the month is once again upon us (June 16th!) and with it, the sweaty June installment of the 57 Varieties open stage series at Spartacus Books (684 E. Hastings at Heatley) TONIGHT! Host Rowan Lipkovits will be hiding in the stacks with a squeezebox, waiting to jump out and surprise patrons with the noise of a clutch of free reeds wheezing. (Then they will surprise him, hopefully not with a fist in his nose but rather with a poem or song.)

Short notice for the open stage tonight, but a bit further notice for other cultural events going on in Vancouver at the grassroots level:

* Tomorrow, Wed Jun 17, Richard Lett hosts an evening of (naturally) gross and sexual humour at Yuk Yuk's, 8:30-10:30 pm at the Century Plaza Hotel (Burrard and Nelson). Practitioners of the hallowed blue humour include: Dan Quinn, Brett Martin, Sean Proudlove, Patrick Maliha, and the "very funny, very dirty, very pregnant" Antoinette Keane.

* Thurs, Jun 18th, Trevor "Spillious" Spilchen puts to rest the unruly ghost of the "'80s at 8" cover night at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main), since revived, reunited, and now revoked. In its place you can hear 1990 at 9 in the first installment of TIME WARP, an expanded musical journey through the ages. Only $5!

* Friday, Jun 19th, Earle Peach hosts the Beats on Broadway open mic from 7:30-10 pm at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (800 E. Broadway), this week featuring Carol Weaver.

* the next night, Saturday Jun 20th, the tag-team of Christie Rose and Van Driver take on Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main at 28th) 9 pm - midnight.

* the following night, Sunday Jun 21st is the Thundering Word open mic night, also at Cafe Montmartre, this time featuring a set from Hi Rise Dex with Spike McKinley. Sign-up at 8:30, feature from 9-9:30.

* Take a week off! The following weekend, however, know that the Fugitives will be playing 9 pm shows Friday and Saturday night at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial) with Jess Hill opening Friday night and Corbin Murdoch Saturday. $10

* I'll be wandering Vancouver Island with the Creaking Planks that weekend, but we'll be back in time to toast a late-night before a stat holiday playing Tuesday Jun 30 at Cafe Montmartre!
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