Captain Skyhawk (epictetus_rex) wrote in vancouverarts,
Captain Skyhawk

Celt-Punk New Year's Eve!

Are you really going to spend $40 on tickets to some poxy dance club on New Year's, only to be charged $9 per drink and get groped by some Granville Street greasers...?

...NO YOU'RE NOT. Come on down to Vancouver's newest COLOSSAL punk-rock hall, the RICKSHAW. The DREADNOUGHTS, Ninjaspy, The Wrecktals and Mexican Drug Patrol are simply the best rock lineup in the city on New Year's, hands down. Whether you're a fan of punk, surf, celtic, ska, gypsy-folk or metal, this night has something for you.

If you want to support the Dreadnoughts, PLEASE buy tickets from us! Our ticket manager/delivery person is the incomparable Kayla Gagne. She can be reached at 778-839-7559, or at

Tickets are $15 and are available NOW.
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