Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote in vancouverarts,
Rowan Lipkovits

Benefit for Radical Labor Activist and Folk Singer Anne Feeney

Friday, October 8, 2010, 8:00pm
Rhizome Cafe, 317 East Broadway
sliding scale $7-20

Radical folk singer Joey Only here: Hey, I am writing to you all because I want to invite you and/or ask for some assistance in raising a few dollars for a wonderful comrade. Many of you know a union activist and singer of labour songs from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania named Anne Feeney; she's been 35 years on the circuit with people like Utah Philips, Dave Rovics, Pete Seeger and all the great names in recent radical folk music history.

This summer Anne was diagnosed with an 11 cm tumor in her lung which is pushing against other vital organs. Anne's undergone radiation therapy and has lost all her wonderful red hair. She is in her sixties and folk music is all Anne has ever done. She has been at countless picket lines giving her songs to cheer up strike-hardened union members. While I toured with her in 2009 we sang at a steelworkers' picket line in Hamilton, Ontario at what is a very famous strike now... then at a teachers' assistant picket line at Guelph University. Now it's our turn to support Anne.

She has over $7000 in medical bills that her US insurance plan does not cover. She's been asking for people to donate 50 dollars saying that no one will have to give too much if everyone sends a small amount. So my goal is very small for this fundraiser, anything we send will be a spiritual and financial show of solidarity to Anne Feeney.

So I am asking you to all to help promote this event at Cafe Rhizome, around Main and Broadway on October 8th, 8pm, in some way. We'll do door at sliding scale $7-20. Bring your people out, help me spread the word... I could use someone to make a poster even. Spread the word, let's try to send Anne anything, it will go a long way toward cheering her up.

At the event local radical folk singers will do tributes to Anne. Jeff Andrew is going to do a set and more people will want to play when they get wind of what's going on. My Joey Only Outlaw Band will even play some Anne Feeney songs plus some IWW songs from 1905-1950. You won't be disappointed, our Outlaw Band will play all sorts of radical numbers to prove why we are one of the best political/outlaw folk bands Vancouver has to offer. See you there, I sincerely hope... please help in any way possible.
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