Rowan Lipkovits (reluctance) wrote in vancouverarts,
Rowan Lipkovits

Second annual Accordion Noir Festival Sept 10-12th

CFRO's weekly Friday night Accordion Noir radio show / podcast, in conjunction with local accordion rebel Geoff Berner (Klezmer Mongrels, 2009) presents the 2nd Annual Accordion Noir Festival, three days of varied programming (live music performance, film screenings, workshops) trying its darnedest to redeem the reputation of the long-dismissed squeezebox.

* The Thursday night, Sept 10th, we're hosting a convocation of our monthly squeezebox circle to act as open stage for all the accordion folk we hope the festival will lure out of the woodwork, keen to share their stuff among the like-minded but not scheduled to perform as part of any of the stage line-ups. This goes down at Spartacus Books, 684 E. Hastings, from 8-10 pm, by donation. (suggested donation $5)

* The Friday night we kick off the planned music festivities at Cafe Montmartre (4362 Main Street) with an intimate suite of smaller-to-larger squeezebox performances from Barbara Adler, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Dawn Zoe, Andy Fielding, Tina Tew of Wintermitts, Mezamazing and the Creaking Planks! Also, miraculously, by donation! (suggested donation $7)

* Saturday features more squeezy shenanigans than both previous days combined, starting with an accordion parade (weather permitting) at 4 pm from Grandview Park to the day's venue, the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac). There we have three workshops (accordion repair, composing and history) through to 6:30, at which point we dim the house lights and start an hour and a half of accordion film festival!

Then around 8 pm we get underway with our three headliners, Atlantic punk Story, klezmer kingpin Geoff Berner, and Jason Webley, Washington's answer to what you get when Tom Waits bites a werewolf. There will be special guests, tweeners and other surprises, and you can enjoy the whole day for $20!

This should be a show to remember.

and since we're a radio show, you can hear us compel you with your own two ears!

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