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Rowan Lipkovits

Saturday night all-ages folk/roots concert at Our Town!

So good to see the group hasn't entirely turned black and fallen off since I put my open stage series on hiatus! I'm very altruistically putting on a concert this Saturday night and getting the word out any way I can, which brings me here.

* Saturday, November 14, 2009! 7:30pm - 10:30pm! (I mean it -- that's not code for 9 to 1 am.)
* Our Town Cafe (245 E Broadway at Kingsway) ! !!

Singer-songwriter Raghu Lokanathan has wended a long and treacherous trail from his new home in Valemount to come to the Lower Mainland and share some songs from his recent album "Blue Girl". You may not be familiar with him, but the longstanding artistic director of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Dugg Simpson, is on the record as saying "the melodies are the kind that stick in your head and you find yourself humming in the kitchen. The stories are the kind that make your brain skip." You'll have to read Utah Philips' endorsement on your own, but you can hear for yourself some of the tunes that tripped their fancy.


That's just the tip of the iceberg for this early night of great music, as he's being joined by a quartet who've traveled a lot further than him to be here -- the Wild Turkeys of Sault Ste. Marie. They're also playing the night before at Cafe Deux Soleils, but this should be a more intimate setting for the intricate acoustic country music demonstrated on their recent album "Suspendered".

Local favorite Jenny Ritter (or "J.R", for those in the know) plays in Victoria's The Gruff with the Wild Turkeys the night before and will be contributing a rare solo set (with guests), capping off this fun night of sweet music. (Note: actual sequence of acts may differ.)

Because we can't afford to pay them what they're actually worth(, and because we can't collect a cover at Our Town), this show should be considered to be pay-what-you-can! You know, pass-the-hat, by-donation... play for tips. Meaning you have nothing to lose by coming down and checking them out! The strange little triangular room will be bumpin' to roots rhythms like never before.

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